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Wio Terminal in PlatformIO

Seed Studio offered me a sample device (see specs) for exchange for an article on my blog and I accepted. The device came a few weeks ago so I am fulfilling my part.

When it came, I went to their page and searched for some example code to test and I picked GitHub Stats example. The documentation is pretty good but it describes the usage with original Arduino IDE which is not my weapon of choice. Some time ago I noticed PlatformIO added support for this device so I wanted to use it.

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Smart energy meter

In my current flat the central heating runs on natural gas and I wanted to have a nice chart showing its consumption. The gas meter is directly in the hallway so everyone can see it. Because of this, I cannot simply bring in AC power and attach some exposed wires, otherwise my neighbors would probably call anti-terrorist group. The measuring device has to be small, look professional and have low power consumption so it can run on batteries. In next lines I’ll describe how I have achieved this.

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Turning ST-Link programmer into IR controlled USB keyboard

As I promised last time, I’m going to continue with st-link programmer clones. This time I wanted to use mbed which has some ready made libraries for utilizing USB and since it was very comfortable to use DFU upload with arduino library, at first I checked if it is usable with mbed too.

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