USB switch for 2 PC under Linux

Hi there!

As you can note from previous blogs, I love to buy strange devices directly from china :). This time I needed to connect one USB device to 2 computers (servers) so i fired up ebay and aliexpress and found this:IMG_20150529_180442
The description doesn’t say anything about Linux support, but I thougt: “Come on… how complicated can it be?” Continue reading

PHP: RPC with asymmetric cryptography

Yesterday, I was thinking about a simple way how to issue commands, list files, get files and access database on a remote system. With PHP all these things are simple to do and you don’t need to write TCP server, because it is provided by some HTTP daemon. It is also important that this could do only authenticated user. Next point was, that authenticated user can do anything on remote system and no complicated method implementation is needed on remote system. This might seem less secure but think about ssh… is it not similar? Continue reading

Reverse engineering Lenkeng HDMI over IP extender


Short time ago, I was searching for a way how to get HDMI output from camera to PC (and then stream on the Internet). There are PCI-x HDMI input cards on the market, but they cost 100$+. Suddenly, I have found a device, which transmitted HDMI signals over IP network for half of the above price so I took the chance. Specification said something about MJPEG so I thought it might be possible. Continue reading