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Testing chinese FRAMs

I’m planning to use FM24CL16 EEPROMs in some projects. These are simple I2C EEPROMs but based on FRAM technology so they should last 10^14 of writes while typical 24Cxx chips only last one million. They are much cheaper on aliexpress than at my local distributor so I ordered 5pcs from this seller for about 40 cents each. Since my local distributor sells them 5 times more expensive I was a little bit suspicious if these are legit parts so I decided to test them.

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Playing with CAN bus

I got inspired by – it’s a HW device which will drive your car, pretty much like Tesla does but for a fraction of it’s price. For this, it needs to connect to CAN bus of your car. My current car cannot be driven by wire but it has some simple CAN buses so I decided to have a little play with one of them, just to explore the technology. Continue reading Playing with CAN bus

My unbiased experience with JLCPCB

I needed to fabricate some PCBs. I’ve seen some youtubers to advertise and recommend this service so I decided to give it a try. My order was done without using any affiliation link or discount code so there was no way for them to know who I am. I needed to create a microSD breakout board and luckily I found a similar OSHw project and only made some modifications: . I prepared my board in Eagle and generated gerber files. Continue reading My unbiased experience with JLCPCB

Smart energy meter

In my current flat the central heating runs on natural gas and I wanted to have a nice chart showing its consumption. The gas meter is directly in the hallway so everyone can see it. Because of this, I cannot simply bring in AC power and attach some exposed wires, otherwise my neighbors would probably call anti-terrorist group. The measuring device has to be small, look professional and have low power consumption so it can run on batteries. In next lines I’ll describe how I have achieved this.

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