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miniPCI-e dual USB card extender

Recently, I was looking for an affordable LoRaWAN gateway with 3G/LTE connectivity. I like Mikrotik products because they are easy to use and have many features (e.g. Wireguard VPN 😎 ) . I found RBwAPR-2nD which has a miniPCI-e slot which can be fitted with R11e-LR8 LoRaWAN gateway module or a card for mobile network connectivity (e.g. R11e-4G). The problem is you cannot have both because there is only one slot. Or can you?

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My unbiased experience with JLCPCB

I needed to fabricate some PCBs. I’ve seen some youtubers to advertise and recommend this service so I decided to give it a try. My order was done without using any affiliation link or discount code so there was no way for them to know who I am. I needed to create a microSD breakout board and luckily I found a similar OSHw project and only made some modifications: https://github.com/danielkucera/MicroSD_Sniffer . I prepared my board in Eagle and generated gerber files. Continue reading My unbiased experience with JLCPCB