OSCam: Cheapest smart card reader

While I was searching for cheapest oscam compatible card reader on e-bay, I found this SIM card reader:

sim-reader e-bay link

With a price under $3 it is able to read/write SIM cards so I bought one to test if I can use it also for standard decrypt cards reading.

When it came, I disassembled it and checked what’s inside. It contains one unidentified chip with 12Mhz crystal (USB to serial converter) and 74HC04 with 3,579Mhz crystal (oscillator used as card clock)


3,579Mhz oscillator fits my decrypt card so I soldered smart card socket (bought from ebay) and put my card in. If your card requires other frequency, you should be able to change it just by soldering correct crystal.

IMG_20140329_092550 IMG_20140329_092538

This design reminded me smartmouse/phoenix design so I gave it a try and after some fiddling, I found out correct oscam settings:

label                         = usb-mouse
description                   = mouse
protocol                      = mouse
device                        = /dev/ttyUSB0
detect                        = none

It’s basically default mouse setting with detect set to none because this reader is not equipped with card detection mechanism.

I have not tested stability yet but according to very simple design it should work quite reliably. Will post later if some problems will occur. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello sir I m from india. Now India satellite card is small so I want use this smart card reader plz tell it work on Indian small card of satellite

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