Heavy-duty turntable for 3D scanning

After a few try and fails to build heavy-duty turntable for scanning a whole person I came to an idea to use something that was designed to withstand the weight of an adult person.

I found that they are still made and sold in sport shops like this one here


After I had it at home, I just needed to figure out how to make it spin. For this purpose I found and ordered high torque motor 37GB with 5RPM speed and 6mm gear.



To make it not slide on the plastic surface I cut and glued a stripe from bike tube to the side of the turntable and added a spring to press it firmly to the turntable. The result looks like this:


It runs on 12V adapter as seen on picture and 360 degree rotation takes 190 seconds. Later, I’ll post some scan results done with my homemade Android scanner software.

Bye for now!

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