MongoDB & HAProxy

haproxy-logoIf you want to put haproxy in front of mongodb cluster, haproxy needs to know the status of mongodb nodes. I’ve found this config, which uses mongos native ping command. But I needed to know, which node is master  (because I use simple replication, not a shard) so I can send write queries.  For this purpose, I’ve modified that config, so it uses isMaster() function and expects “ismaster\x00\x01” as result.

Feel free to use or modify.

listen mongodb_cluster
 option tcp-check
 # MongoDB Wire Protocol
 tcp-check send-binary 3a000000 # Message Length (58)
 tcp-check send-binary EEEEEEEE # Request ID (random value)
 tcp-check send-binary 00000000 # Response To (nothing)
 tcp-check send-binary d4070000 # OpCode (Query)
 tcp-check send-binary 00000000 # Query Flags
 tcp-check send-binary 61646d696e2e # fullCollectionName (admin.$cmd)
 tcp-check send-binary 24636d6400 # continued
 tcp-check send-binary 00000000 # NumToSkip
 tcp-check send-binary FFFFFFFF # NumToReturn
 # Start of Document
 tcp-check send-binary 13000000 # Document Length (19)
 tcp-check send-binary 10 # Type (Int32)
 tcp-check send-binary 69736d617374657200 # ismaster:
 tcp-check send-binary 01000000 # Value : 1
 tcp-check send-binary 00 # Term

tcp-check expect binary 69736d61737465720001 #ismaster True

option tcpka
 option tcplog
 server mongo-node-01 check inter 2000
 server mongo-node-02 check inter 2000

11 thoughts on “MongoDB & HAProxy”

  1. Hi Danman,

    I configured haproxy like that and really works fine.
    Although there is a communication problem when I want to connect with an external client:

    MongoDB shell version: 3.2.8
    connecting to:
    2016-07-22T00:09:42.300+0200 D NETWORK [thread1] creating new connection to:
    2016-07-22T00:09:42.300+0200 D COMMAND [ConnectBG] BackgroundJob starting: ConnectBG
    2016-07-22T00:09:42.301+0200 D NETWORK [thread1] connected to server (
    2016-07-22T00:09:42.301+0200 I NETWORK [thread1] recv(): message len 1347703880 is invalid. Min 16 Max: 48000000
    2016-07-22T00:09:42.302+0200 D – [thread1] User Assertion: 6:network error while attempting to run command ‘isMaster’ on host ‘’
    2016-07-22T00:09:42.302+0200 D – [thread1] User Assertion: 1:network error while attempting to run command ‘isMaster’ on host ‘’
    2016-07-22T00:09:42.302+0200 E QUERY [thread1] Error: network error while attempting to run command ‘isMaster’ on host ‘’ :

    2016-07-22T00:09:42.303+0200 D – [thread1] User Assertion: 12513:connect failed
    2016-07-22T00:09:42.303+0200 I QUERY [thread1] MozJS GC prologue heap stats – total: 1589501 limit: 0
    2016-07-22T00:09:42.306+0200 I QUERY [thread1] MozJS GC epilogue heap stats – total: 1229 limit: 0
    2016-07-22T00:09:42.306+0200 I QUERY [thread1] MozJS GC prologue heap stats – total: 3653 limit: 0
    2016-07-22T00:09:42.306+0200 I QUERY [thread1] MozJS GC epilogue heap stats – total: 5 limit: 0
    2016-07-22T00:09:42.307+0200 D – [main] User Assertion: 12513:connect failed
    exception: connect failed

    Have you had this problem in your configuration?

    Maybe haproxy is sending tcp over http to mongodb master server although it is configured in tcp mode.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hey, I am a bit confused behind what architecture have you used. May be i could explain you my point of view of implementing you so that you could help me out asap.


  3. Why do we need to use haproxy? Should not driver with replica connection string set know which server is primary automatically and redirect traffic?

  4. This works perfectly if all the mongo nodes are online.
    However, my primary node and any offline mongo nodes (with nothing running on port 27017) are appearing as healthy. HAProxy 1.5.8.

    1. You might want to use a newer version
      I can confirm it works very well (see my post below) with version 1.7 and mongo 3.2.x 3 nodes

  5. Awesome article!

    I used it for an application which was not compatible with replicaset and works well.

    One suggestion: in my case, the application remained stuck on the slave server in case of failover (rs.reconfigure).

    On the backend definition I used:
    “on-marked-down shutdown-sessions on-marked-up shutdown-backup-sessions”

    and worked like a charm.


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