Black thursday

Hi all!

Yesterday I suffered a great loss. All my data from this server went away… Unfortunately, I didn’t have recent full-backup of my blog so I needed to recreate some posts from WayBackMachine. That’s why most of pictures in posts from 2016 and 2017 is missing. Sorry for that. If you are interested in some exact pictures contact me, I can try to find them in my files.

I wish you more luck with your backups.


Multicast over “stupid” networks

IP multicast is an interesting technology. It’s main purpose is to
save network bandwidth as much as possible – traffic is sent to hosts
which asked for it only (as opposed to broadcast). On the other
hand, you need smarter (manageable) switches and specific
non-trivial configuration on both routers and switches. Even more
complicated it is when you try to make it work over VPN. Continue reading Multicast over “stupid” networks